Headed out to the local creek and got some Nerodia pics and found a few cottonmouths as well, but figured we'd find more closer to the truck so I'd just photograph them later and ended up not finding any more after the first 20 min. Scott bled profusely after posing this guys for a couple shots. (note: Scott's blood on the lower labials towards the back of the mouth)


Handholding from 4 feet away vs tripod at 20''+

broadhead rhombifer rhombifer rhombifer

Rob, Scott and I head out to some 'awesome' cottonmouth pond out in the middle of nowhere. The pond is only a 1+ mile hike from the nearest parking area, however, the parking area is a construction zone with no parking allowed, so we can only get within 3+ miles. Not wanting to miss anything I put on my gear pack and hike it to not find a single snake to photograph. (2 Nerodia that dropped into the water as soon as we came up on them). Where we parked we flipped a nice looking copperhead

copper copper

Here's a couple habitat shots.

habitat habitat

Sick of the same ol' stuff we headed out to flip a milk or two. In 15 minutes we flipped these two (that would not hold still for long enough to get a decent shot). 15 years after my first amaura.

amaura amaura amaura

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