in a world where we are taught that Nature has been all but conquered and that she won't survive, we are oft times reminded of Her awesome power through the subtle poetry of inspiration if we but pause long enough to watch the sun rise over a glistening body of water or listen patiently as thick blanket of night releases the vast diversity of nocturnal life in our native deserts. These moments of magic are fading in many areas as the suburban sprawl consumes our wildlands. The weeds and pests that "invade" our neighborhoods are the remnants of an environ that has given way to our concrete and steel. In their natural setting they are the flora and fauna that would captivate us if we would but dare to observe. Much of Nature is safer than we are led to believe, but there is a great deal that is rapidly fading.

It is this fading fantastic world that lies beneath us, around us, and even within us that has conquered my soul and moves me to capture and share my experiences through the art of painting with light. It is my hope that these images will captivate you, if only for a second, and inspire that which the moment inspired in me.

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